925 Sterling Silver & Tourmaline CZ Crystal October Birthstone


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Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, along with opal. Tourmaline is also the gem of the eighth anniversary. 1554 Francisco Spinoza’s expedition discovers “Brazilian emerald”: the first recorded green tourmaline crystal. Tourmaline Birthstone: What You Should Know [2021] The Enchanting Colors of the October Gem Tourmaline. Tourmaline is October’s alternate birthstone along with opal, and History of the Colorful October Birthstone. Tourmaline was discovered by a Dutch trader during the 1600s to early 1700s 2021-04-11 Tourmaline is said to be a stone associated with reconciliation, one that fosters compassion and focus in tense situations and relieves stress. Different types of tourmaline are believed to be useful in dealing with a multitude of emotional issues; blue tourmalines can aid people who have suffered abuse and are dealing with grief and sadness, while red ones are useful for people dealing with fear for their safety.

Tourmaline birthstone

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If you were born in October, you are one of those people who has a choice for your birthstone. Oct 14, 2020 Opal is now celebrated for promoting creativity and imaginative abilities, protection from disease, and as a symbol of hope and truth. Pink  Gemologica Diamond 2-Stone Tourmaline October Birthstone Ring In White Gold - This 2-stone ring contains two 3MM round shaped green tourmaline  Oct 25, 2018 In 1812, tourmaline was officially crowned by the National Association of Jewelers as one of the two October birthstones. Tourmaline comes in  Oct 15, 2020 Tourmaline is also used as a birthstone for October as it comes in many colors such as blue, yellow, pink, red, black, green and clear - but  With such a wide range of tourmaline options available, there is a gemstone for everyone.

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Tourmaline birthstone

Oct 1, 2019 Tourmaline is relatively new stone, only discovered as early as the late 1600's or early 1700's, off the West Coast of Italy. As such, tourmaline  18ct Gold Vermeil Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Necklace on a Short Plain Chain. October: Due to its great variety, Tourmaline beholds a wide spectrum  Oct 3, 2019 Tourmaline is one of the birthstones for October and it's also one of the top unique gemstones for 2019. It's a beautiful stone that comes in a  Plus, we wanted to let your birthstone shine. 2x4mm Baguette Pink Tourmaline set in 14k yellow gold with black enamel surrounding. October Birthstone.

Tourmaline birthstone

Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone. This gemstone can be found in a wide variety of colors. Tourmaline is October’s alternate birthstone along with opal, and it is famous for its variety of colors beyond compare. According to an Egyptian legend, the gem traveled a long journey to reach the top coming from the center of the Earth. It passed over the rainbow and assumed the rainbows rich colors in the process. Tourmaline is a relatively modern gemstone; only since the gemological boom of the 1970s was it widely appreciated. During this time, designers began experimenting with exciting techniques and unconventional settings, and the world took notice of tourmaline’s incredible variety.
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Tourmaline birthstone

Tourmaline gives people born in October the option of a colorful faceted stone and a stone more durable than opal. Pink Tourmaline Necklace, October Birthstone Necklace, Infinity Necklace, Pink Tourmaline Birthstone, October Birthday Gift, New Mom Gift. LRoseDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,733) $42.99 FREE shipping.

They also replaced December's lapis with zircon and switched the primary/alternative gems for March. The American Gem Trade Association added tanzanite as a December birthstone in 2002. Tourmaline is the month’s primary birthstone and is representative of compassionate and loving people born throughout the tenth month.
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Black Tourmaline is also found in Tourmaline Quartz. People born in October celebrate and commemorate their birthdays with two beautiful and colorful birthstones- opal and tourmaline, both of which are known for their excellent coloring characteristics in the world. In this article we will take a deep look at October birthstones, their history, characteristics, meanings and care and cleaning. Tourmaline is a very popular gemstone. Its popularity has greatly increased since the 1990's, and this has also been reflected in the astronomical prices demanded from the finest Tourmalines. Tourmaline is used as a jewelry gemstone and is cut into all forms and styles. All colors of Tourmaline, especially multicolored gems, are used in jewelry.