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Start. Find out more about IDS7: System requirements. To be able to use IDS7 you require: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. For Windows editions, see the System Requirements for Sectra PACS documentation. Sectra IDS7 provides powerful diagnostic tools, and ensures easy and secure access to clinical data and images throughout the enterprise. Sectra IDS7 is a comprehensive workstation, providing powerful diagnostic tools, ensuring easy and secure access to clinical data and images throughout the enterprise.

Sectra ids7 user guide

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The user interactions in IDS5 is very much the same as in IDS7 so this should not a!ect the result. • Geavanceerde instellingen o.b.v. Sectra Enterprise Manager • Architectuur van Sectra PACS/VNA en IDS7 • Licenties en WISE-tools • Introductie op weergaveprotocollen (DP’s) Doelgroep Applicatiebeheerders (functioneel) en key-users Vereiste voorkennis Voor deze training zal IDS7 Basis met succes moeten zijn afgerond TERUG NAAR FUNCTIONEEL All annual reports from Sectra. Sectra's fiscal year extends from May 1 to April 30. About Sectra.

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a. Once logged in, you will be at the patient search screen. You may enter MRN or IDS7 PACS - Radiologen en Nucleaire Geneeskundigen training.

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Sectra ids7 user guide

RAF uses Sectra PACS/VNA solution which includes IDS7® workstation and a With UniViewer®, users are not required to download and install any software.

Sectra ids7 user guide

Some features are add-ons on Sectra Workstation IDS5 but are included as ordinary features for IDS7 (see Table 2 for examples). M.. I I W M- -* - The technical solution will be implemented on Sectra s latest application plat-form and the IDS7 workstation.
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Sectra ids7 user guide

Sectra PACS WiseTools. Simplicity Studio.

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different terms in documentation and e.g. labels and menu items in a user interface is believed to be  to user information » Applicant: Sofia Jarkman I will use the funded time for case selection and annotation using Sectra IDS7, development of a computer  av L Vretlund · 2019 — ST-läkaren berättar att de arbetar i systemet Sectra IDS7 som innehåller PACS /18.1284479015a26d3e16d5373/1486739509125/Artificiell+intelligens.pdf. för varje enskild licens. Bildvisaren för Sectra PACS heter IDS7 och används även av att genomföra den preoperativa planeringen i god tid innan operation. av J Linder · 2016 — The Sectra medical visualization table (“the table”) is in short a instructions and good exercises to receive a return on the time spent with the table, preferably the Mjukvaran (IDS7 och IDS7 touch) som använts i studien bygger upp  av S Klasson · 2016 — 2016. Document Version: Publisher's PDF, also known as Version of record Reconstructed images were sent to PACS (IDS7, Sectra.